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Providing Secure Means of Mobile Communication


Beijing Logicquest Labs was founded in late 2011 by a group of IT entrepreneurs who had a passion for developing applications with radical market value. The company was later acquired by Logicquest Technology Limited in 2015 under a VIE structure.

The customized IT solutions arm serviced a considerable number of corporate clients across the Asia Pacific region, and development on web-based solutions such as Enterprise Resource Planning software, Medical-Use software, Retail CMS system, Financial Markets Information Systems, etc. This branch of business brought in sustainable revenues and profits for the company.

The other arm of the company focused on developing and operating comprehensive web applications, under this portfolio are platforms such as JoyJobs.cn and Haveanot.com. JoyJobs.cn is an intelligent job matching website that was later bought out by a Singaporean human resources management firm for its intelligent algorithm. The latter one is a map-based social networking application that allowed Chinese users to share and discover great places their friends have been to.

By early 2014, the company, realized the need to shift towards the mobile applications market. After obtaining funding from private investors, it started to invest primarily in the development of metalk, a mobile-based IM application that provides a secure channel of communications unlike other similar applications in the market.

With confidence to push the company to a greater height with the launch of metalk in the Android and iOS market in Q1 2015. The application has received great feedbacks from its targeted audience, and Logicquest soon licensed the application’s global operating rights to a media advertizing partner – SecureCom Media Holdings Limited, leaving the operations of the application and task of profitability in the hands of SecureCom Media and Logicquest will focus on strengthening the overall security and application of the solution.

Logicquest aims to provide safe and secure mobile communication solution to all levels of users, with the ultimate goal of returning privacy and security to this prevalent info-communication era.

Corporate Info

P.O. Box 957, Offshore Incorporations Centre, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands