Core Business

Absolute Mobile Communication Security


Since 2014 the company has shifted the focus onto the development of mobile applications, targeting the HNWI (High Net worth Individuals) user base. Our flagship product, metalk, addresses the needs of businessmen and corporate professionals who are at risk of reconnaissance from malicious individuals or competitors.

Metalk provides the user a secured way of communication through encrypted messages that a normal home processor will take approximately 1500 years to crack our encryption key. Premium Security Solutions launched in agreement with strategic partner SecureCom Media Limited emphasizes the specific needs of high-end users, with functions such as Whisper Mode and Deceptive View to help safeguard privacy in different instances of communication.


The product development plan for metalk also encompasses the integration of business functions that enables business owners or any individuals within a corporate to communicate, collaborate and share information securely with one another. What the business functions strive to achieve is to provide value-added services to users with the focus being on the future rather than events of the past. More exciting updates on the business functions will be available, expect the business functions to be launched in Q3 2015!

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We also have a specialized IT team providing web-based application support to the metalk application. Functions such as secure remote access control to metalk account will be subsequently materialized by this team which had vast experience in developing web-based solutions such as enterprise resource planning software, medical-use software, financial markets information systems, and CMS for various industries. Although the team’s current focus is on the metalk project, it has the capability of providing a one-stop IT solution platform from solid web design and enriching customers’ experience to the integration of IT management systems within an enterprise.